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SolarSmith Solar Power Integrators

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Welcome to our Store

Shop our small products Solar store.
Solar lights, pumps, and other great products

The following systems are for power grid connection only. The connection to the grid will need to be done by a licensed electrician. You may also need to have a building permit from your local government office.
The kit will include everything you will need to install your system on your roof with the exception of home run wiring, conduit and the lag bolts for roof mounting. Phone support for installation of your system is available.
On-site support is 130.00 per hour. Pricing does not include sales tax or shipping. 

Drain Back Solar Hot Water System for two: $3499.00 installed


Drain Back Solar Hot Water System for 4: $4499.00


Solar powered pump solar hot water glycal system: $7999.00 for a family of 8 or more.


2.24KW Residential Grid Tie System, 7 320w solar panels 3KW Sunny Boy Inverter

Retail Price: $11,500  Your Price: $6,795.00


4.48KW Residential Grid Tie System, 14-320w modules, SB5000US SMA inverter

Retail Price: $19,300  Your Price: $13,440.00

5.1KW Residential Grid Tie System, 16-320W modules, Enphase Micro inverter 

Retail Price: $19,700 Your Price: $15,999


Solar Attic Fan 30 watt solar panel for homes of 2000 ft: $899.00

Solar Attic Fan 20 Watt panel for home under 1800 sq. ft: $799.00

30_watt_home.jpgSolar Attic Fan 10watt solar panel homes under 1000 sq. ft: $625.00


Buy more then one installation discount. For each additional purchase 10% reduction of installed cost of the second item. All prices include installation.

If you are a do it  yourselfer. Order the 30 watt installation kit for just 599.00. The kit includes everything you need but the labor

Please find links to the manufacturing companies on our links page.

Solar Power Integrators

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