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SolarSmith Solar Power Integrators

Commercial Projects

 Commercial Projects require architects and engineers to insure a safe and reliable system is built on your building. We have serveal companies that supply this need. There are a growing number of architecs and enegineers that want to be a part of clean energy.

This 12.6KW ground-mounted nameplate will produce 17.3 Megawatts of energy yearly or 17,300 kilowatts hours (kwH). The average home only uses 11,500 kwHs per year.


It's the Law
Commercial projects can now qualify for a 30% Tax Credit  to install solar appliances. Additionally, the Department of Energy will provide a loan guaranty to any bank you would like to use.


There are 72 Sharp 175 panels.


Two Sunnyboy 7000 provide power at 277v each per commercial energy code


Photovoltaic system in addition to other conservation measures will reduce demand from the power grid. The pay back for commercial system is less then 5 years. Bringing 20yrs of free energy and reducing the amount of pollution by hundreds of thousands of tons.

Solar Power Integrators

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