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SolarSmith Solar Power Integrators

Special Internet Price

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Special Internet Pricing for Installed Systems
How a grid connected system works

Grid Connected Systems supply power to your home or bussiness. If you are with Georgia Power you have options that will mean the power company PAYS YOU for every watt of energy you produce. All power companies pay you for any power you send to them. There are no batteries in a grid connected system, and the maintenance is minimal. Maintenance plans are available.

You need to know about this law that will make your power bill even Higher! 


We are featuring a 6KW system that can be yours for just 14,995 BEFORE Tax Credits  
The #KW is the name plate of any system. The # is equal to the amount of energy created at peak performance per hour. 
A 6KW system will produce 6KW per hour @ 5.1 hours per day Average you will create 30.6Kw per day DC 
In an average year, you will harvest 8809KW of AC energy; your Air Conditioner will use about 4000Kw per year.
This means NO GIANT ELECTRIC BILL all year!!!

6 Kilowatt Photovoltaic Solar Generator

Start creating your own energy now and expand it over the years. Purchase 15 modules and Enphase mico inverter inverter for just $14,995.00 installed. This system is upgradable until you reach you goal .


Get yours today.


Solar Power Integrators

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